Léonard Remartini

Finding a Niche Success

Hermes and Gry : A Crooked Plan


"H&G: A Crooked Plan" is a short Visual Novel written in 2018 for the Monthly NaNoRenO GameJam over the course of 2 months with a team of 3 people.

Léonard Remartini – Direction, Design, Coding, Writing

Devin (@suyaa3838) – Art

Noyemi (@NoyemiK) – Music


Since it's free release on itch.io, it has received a critical outpour of positive reviews!

While free games rarely bring about negative reviews, the love and appreciation received for the project was astonishing, especially with little to no publicity to push it forward, other than itch.io' listing of it.

You can view the itch.io game page here to play the game or read some comments:


A nice short article was also written about the game.

You can read it here:


Doing and Learning

This was a first time leading such a project, a team, and learning to code in python all at once.

There were mistakes that were done in the process due to poor communication and I poorly judged the size of tasks.

These issues forced us to finish the project a month after the initial release plans we had.

Nevertheless, it was a success, and while it was lead and designed by a novice : it’s heart, humor and style still shines on today still. It speaks for itself and is a work of love entirely devoid of shame.

The overwhelmingly positive player feedback confirmed my desire to further pursue Game Development.

I truly believe that H&G would have the makings of a hit series of games, where I to ever have more resources and time to polish, upgrade and create more of this type of content.